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I warmly congratulate the company was

Author: Time:2014-09-17

The awards, organized by the Shanghai Advertising Equipment Suppliers Association , to " social influence ", " enterprise scale ", " industry integrity ," " popular word of mouth ", " innovation capacity " and other aspects of the award criteria , to tease out the industry made outstanding contributions to businesses and individuals , to show recognition . Meanwhile through the " advertising logo " magazine , the association 's official website ( and Canton Trade Network ( and other official media reported full three-dimensional .
    " Value List" designed by professional and authoritative manner selected the most outstanding year 2012 , the most suitable for the Chinese market, advertising equipment, equipment suppliers , so that business models and figures to play more of a guiding role , advertising equipment from leading Chinese manufacturing power to create power. CSA 's annual awards also hope to encourage more buyers recognize manufacturers, read the brand , in order to choose the most suitable equipment equipment. It also let the advertising equipment supplier companies literally hear the voices of consumers .
  The United States is hereby sense Xie gaolu colleagues , and hard work Rong sichengR & D personnel , and government departments led by your support and help.
  Division I will redouble their efforts to increase R & D investment of each product , equipment, equipment for the development of the advertising industry to contribute .